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Center for Resilience Informed Therapy

Resilience is not a trait that you either have or do not have; it is a set of strategies that can be learned and practiced.

The Center for Resilience Informed Therapy seeks to empower this learning process to cultivate emotional adaptability and facilitate post-traumatic healing and growth.


Partners & Associates:


Resilience Informed Therapy is a strength-based model of care developed by Dr. Arielle Schwartz to facilitate active healing from trauma.
Join Dr. Schwartz and other practitioners for facilitated discussion in trauma-informed care, and learn new techniques to grow your practice.
Whether for personal healing or clinical practice, find professional resources created by experts with a variety of therapeutic backgrounds.

Courses & Events

Discover live presentations, professional trainings, and video tutorials created and hosted by trauma-informed care professionals.


Resilience Informed Therapy Community

Our Practitioners

Leaders in clinical therapy and experts in a range of established psychotherapeutic modalities, our practitioners leverage their collective knowledge and decades of research to deliver education and healing to the therapeutic community and broader public.

Amy Annesley, LCSW

Dr. Arielle Schwartz, PhD

Shyamaa M. Creaven, PhD